Starting UP and Shutting DOWN

This is from a post on LE:

Revised and Updated.

I think I'm doing it correctly please advise if not (Mini CC, 15 Oxycon, Propane)

1. Open Oxygen at Torch
2. Turn ON Oxycon and let run for 10 min thru line
3. Go outside and turn ON/Open Propane at Tank
4. Turn Regulator knob to show 5-6 psi
5. Go inside, turn oxygen OFF at Torch
6. Turn Propane ON at Torch and Light
7. OPEN/ADD Oxygen and melt glass

1. Slowly lower(still see flame) both Propane and Oxygen at torch
2. Turn Oxygen OFF at Torch
3. Turn Propane OFF at Torch
4. Turn Oxycon OFF
5. Go outside and turn Propane Tank OFF/Close
6. Go inside and Bleed my Propane Line
7. Go outside and "Back out the T on my Regulator" (turning it counter clockwise until it's almost out of the regulator as in 2-3 more turns might make it come out. This reduces the pressure.)
8. Turn Propane OFF at Torch
9. Turn Ventilation System Off

***Something I don't do each time: I have two safety valves on propane line, one outside and one inside. I don't close those off at the end of each session. I do turn them both off if I'm going to be away for more than a day though.

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