Instead of Writing a Book...

     I guess another way of getting to know someone, other than facebook, Twitter and eHarmony (LOL) is to blog about one's self. Why do I have this urge for people to get to know me and what's happening in my life? No idea. I guess it's more about participating in the web's social networks (except Twitter, I hate Twitter). So this is my attempt to do just that, a little socialization via the internet. Oh, about the title of this post, before there was blogging, fb, even Twitter, people would say, "You should write a book". That was at a time when, yeah, maybe I could have. Now, I'm heading into the Gardening stage of life, even though I don't garden. Life has calmed down a bit, kids are grown and things aren't quiet so melodramatic as before. Boring you might say? Well compared to before, maybe a bit, but still interesting just the same, especially for those who understand life is always filled with drama of some sort. grin*

**Update! I still do not like Twitter but I found the love of my live on a dating site, no not eHarmony, I'm too cheap I guess. We will be celebrating our First anniversary this April, 2014. Oh and I'm finally moving my Studio over to my new house so that the two of us can melt some glass. Life is GOOOOOD!!!

Soooo, drama begone!! and let the hobbies...passions....begin!!

With that...

***follow the page menu to see my lampworking set up.